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I have personally started this business after seeing family members struggle through periods of financial hardship, depression and constant stress. Growing up and seeing this firsthand hardened my resolve to be business savvy – so that I would never have to be in those positions myself.

Through working in multiple small businesses from the age of 16, I learned the nuances and intricacies of what makes a business succeed or fail. There are a lot of factors at play – many of which are beyond of the scope of the average small business owner or budding entrepreneur.

These years of experience drove me through a business degree at Monash University with the advantage of experience and learning from the mistakes of others. There is always a valuable lesson from failure, but for many people these lessons go unnoticed.
I was fortunate to take many of these lessons onboard at a relatively young age – shaping my desire to help other small businesses, their owners and their families live more prosperous and happy lives.

Encompass Media Solutions (EMS) was born to act as an outsourced media creation and marketing department for small businesses like yours. Our goal is to help you attract more customers, drive growth and ultimately make more money – without any major investments of your time.

We drive the business growth that you have always wanted, and by doing so – help to take the pressure off. You can make more money with less workload, and spend more time doing the things you really enjoy with people you care about.

At EMS, my team and I transform small businesses and we certainly can transform yours too.

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Alastair McLeod is the managing director at Encompass Media Solutions. He specialises in business strategy, data analytics, digital marketing of many kinds and website development.
When not working with EMS clients he is often found in the ocean windsurfing or surfing.

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