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Social media has exploded over the last decade providing huge opportunities for businesses. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are often used on a daily basis make them all great ways to reach potential customers. Google + is another one that is especially important for businesses and unfortunately often overlooked.
Having a well presented Google Business page through Google + is a great way to rank higher for customer searches and generate calls or direct web traffic to your site.
EMS offers two styles of social media management – depending on your strategy and budget. For those who want all the time consuming set ups and links to the website done, we can simply set up the social media accounts, get the appropriate branding done and then hand them over to you for day to day management.
From there you can build your customer base and engage with them regularly, all with total control. You may want to start your own marketing, for example with Facebook ads. EMS can help at any time down the track if you need assistance.
For small businesses looking to invest in a comprehensive marketing programme, EMS helps to create content, develop strategy and take action with advanced customer targeting. In simple terms, we get your website and other marketing channels to worth together using data you have collected on your customer base (current or potential new customers).
With this data we can very specifically target your marketing efforts to the right people to re-engage with them on social media and ultimately generate more revenue for your business. For example running Facebook ads to reach people who were captured as a business lead on your website.
This advanced approach to using social media can turn moderately interested people into highly engaged users, who are likely to spend money and also become brand advocates. By designing your marketing systems to compliment each other, small investments can have big impacts in terms of attracting new customers and making more money.
social media management for small businesses
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