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At Encompass Media Solutions we transform your small businesses from what it is, into what you’ve always wanted it to be. We are a cooperation of professionals coming from backgrounds in strategic marketing and media creation – sharing a passion to transform small businesses into their full potential.
At EMS our team specialises in small business marketing, providing a personalised experience and working closely with you to create new media and develop your marketing strategy. From here, we take over – you can focus on pleasing the flow of new customers knocking on your door while we manage everything behind the scenes.
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You are probably a small business owner, working hard to improve your business on a daily basis.

You know your marketing is probably a bit out of touch – the fast pace of our modern world makes it hard to keep up with customers. Things could be a lot better but you are not sure how to start.

EMS gives you a simple way to grow your business like you have always dreamed of. We know you are busy enough on the front line, pleasing your hard earned customers and managing staff. Leave the marketing to us – after all, it is time for you to start working smarter, instead of working harder.

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Many people associate marketing with advertising and advertising only, an unfortunately common mistake.
How EMS Transforms Small Businesses

At Encompass Media Solutions we think of marketing as a system of information and activities to attract and keep customers.

To have a truly effective marketing system, you need knowledge of your customer’s behaviour and a deep understanding of how to put that knowledge to use across the complex web of media channels available today. You need to know what your customers want, what they like and how they make their decisions.

Chances are that you know a lot about your customers, but you are not sure how to make this information useful – that is where EMS comes in.

We work with you to learn about your customers, and the customers you want to attract. We can then combine your customer knowledge with our knowledge of modern marketing to create a hands-off system that does all the hard work for you. You’ll have a wealth of information summarised into an easy to understand report with actionable steps, enabling you to find new customers, offer customers a better experience and consistently exceed expectations.

With the data from your new, specialised small business marketing system to guide decision making processes – you will be operating with more efficiency and faster growth than ever before.

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