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Know where the money goes
At EMS we take our position as marketers seriously. We firmly believe that every dollar spent on marketing needs to be held accountable as measurable results to your business. Every dollar from your budget is precious – especially in small businesses where poor decision making can have big impacts on cash flow.
The old adage – half the money spent on marketing is wasted but it is impossible to know which half, is obsolete. In the digital realm, calculating the return on your marketing investment is more straightforward then it has ever been. For this reason at EMS all new website projects come with basic website traffic reporting using Google Analytics.
Using Google Analytics it is possible to track and measure website traffic to identify opportunities for improvement. Google Analytics is extremely flexible, turning data into useful information for all forms of businesses – small or large, no matter what industry you work in.
EMS can design systems based on the Google Analytics platform to integrate with other marketing efforts like Adwords and customer lead creation to accurately measure your successes and identify opportunities for improvement.
For businesses interested in sophisticated analytic systems it is possible to measure predetermined conversions linked to revenue generating customer activity. By tracking conversions EMS can link website traffic to real revenue creation, allowing us to accurately report on the return of your marketing investment and also to refine individual marketing efforts. For example, tracking conversions can allow us to increase the spend efficiency of Adwords over time by adjusting budgets based on keyword conversion rates.
Remember, collecting data is critical to well informed decision making and the growth of your business.
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