Graphic Design and Branding

Stand out from the crowd
The importance of good graphic design cannot be overstated. Within seconds customers make an impression of your business based on your branding – like logos, typefaces and colours. You really want this first impression to be good, and to align with what your business offers customers. For example – if you are a high-end, premium business your branding should create a sense of confidence in the quality you offer.
Unfortunately many small businesses do not invest enough time into good brand design, slipping into a void where it is hard to distinguish between competitors and your own business. Good branding helps your business to stand out from the crowd. Make a good first impression by looking professional and ultimately your business will attract more customers.
At EMS our team of graphic designers will work with you to turn your vision of your business into a reality. Cementing your businesses position with a clear and consistent brand image is an important step to take when transforming your business. By working with you we can create modern looking designs that incorporates your businesses values and personality.
Once we have developed a new brand ID, EMS will help you roll it out across the board. The new branding will serve as a base for web development and other marketing materials like signage, brochures, flyers and general business documentation. Consistency with your new branding helps to communicate with your existing and new customers alike, cementing a positive first impression every time.
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