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94% of web users click on a first page search result – not visiting the second page at all

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is not as complex as what many digital marketers will tell you as they justify their expensive monthly bills. To have an optimised website it has to contain useful information for potential customers (keywords), be designed for a positive user experience (device optimisation) and be referred to by reputable sources (networking).

At EMS we build all new websites with SEO software integrated into the site. After a bit of background research, optimising your pages to rank highly on search engines is a matter of a bit of copywriting and a few clicks. All newly designed websites are built with Search Engine Friendliness in mind. We use simple site layouts that are easy for search engines to understand and easy for customers to use – keeping them engaged no matter if they are using a phone, tablet or computer.

We analyse customer search patterns to determine which keywords your site should focus on, also looking at your direct competitor’s strategies to identify opportunities to exploit. The findings of this research is combined into our copywrighting process to make sure your page contains the most relevant keywords for your target customers.
Keep in mind that 94% of web users click on something on first page – not visiting the second page at all.
Usually there only about 10 organic search results on the first page of a search engine like Google. This is a highly competitive space, and the reality is you simply cannot afford to not be ranking on the first page.
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