Customer Lead Creation

New customers - the lifeblood of small businesses
Marketing is a numbers game. For every customer that sees something related to your business, only a certain percentage will engage, from there only a certain percentage will end up actually spending money in your business. This concept is commonly referred to as the marketing funnel.
By improving the quality of interaction with potential new customers and capturing as much information about them as possible, you have the opportunity to increase the conversion percentages at each step of your own marketing funnel.

This means many more new customers and a whole lot more revenue for your business.

EMS can work with you in the strategic marketing consulting stage to identify the steps of your funnel and design activities to engage with customers and collect their information.
Once we have a solid platform to work from, we can develop customised systems to bring new customers to your business.
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Lead Creation Example:
You may have a good website but it still may not be working as effectively at creating new customers as it could be. By understanding how potential customers find your business and engage with your website EMS can design trigger points to capture information from these customer leads in exchange for something they value – like an information pack or a special discount offer.
A basic system might be designed to capture names, phone numbers, email addresses – valuable information for sales calls or direct email marketing. Both are quick and easy ways to turn customer interest into revenue.

Building in lead-capturing systems to your website can create a substantial boost to revenue in a matter of days. Lead generation can be set up to do a huge range of things including capture email addresses for mailing lists, capture phone numbers for sales calls, acquire behavioural and demographic information, and best of all – lead generation is automated.

All you have to do is periodically review the information that has been collected and decide how to follow your new leads up.

Low effort, high return – the best kind of work.
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